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Men Behaving Dadly offers a warm friendly environment with positive opportunities for safe supported and creative play sessions for dads/male carers and their children. With the aim of spending quality time, relationship building and having fun while also raising dads/male carers awareness of the value of play.

Help is at hand to offer a fun and free supported play session, where dads/male carers and their children can get involved in creative activities together.

Fathers/carers and children of all ages are welcome as there will be all kinds of activities going on which are age specific.


MBD session information: 


Every Saturday- 11:30 till 1pm.


Greenacres Community Centre

Galland St,




Free Car park - Oberlin St OL4 3HS


(Please contact us before hand as we often go on trips)

MBD mobile number: 07708383895 (call or text)

MBD email: menbehavingdadly@hotmail.com



MBD is a registered charity No- 1142534

We are very supportive and encouraging to other Dads and Kids clubs but i would ask that any organisation already calling themselves Men Behaving Dadly or planning to do so, please think of another name, we are a REGISTERED CHARITY. It is very confusing when people hear our name and then try to Google us and find dozens of Sure Start and Churches with MBD sessions.  As a registered charity our name is protected and all imagery is copyrighted.  We recognised that we should have protected the name in the 90's but over the years the number of "copy cat" projects has rocketed.

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