About Men Behaving Dadly

Men Behaving Dadly is a small charity run by and for dads/male carers and their children. All participants are central in identifying needs of the group and participating in the development of the project and resources.

Saturday 29th January 2000 was the first of six weekly MBD sessions. After the six initial pilot sessions we changed to fortnightly sessions, so we could continue to deliver quality activity based sessions.

MBD has at its core a commitment to enabling relationship building between dads/male carers and their children, raising self esteem, increasing confidence in parenting, promoting the values of play and combating the sense of isolation many dads feel.

MBD aims to encourage dads/male carers to recognise the importance of play with their children, as a way of developing positive relationships. The aim would then be having fun but also spending quality time together.

Involvement in the project encouraged dads/male carers to see the value of the arts as a learning and leisure experience while promoting future engagement and access to cultural activities. Projects of this kind can act as catalysts for breaking down barriers between cultural venues and the public as MBD is attempting to do by encouraging men to become involved in this traditionally female role as a carer, as each parent has a unique contribution to make to their children's development.

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